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Currently, I am enrolled at Brigham Young University, studying advertising.

My wife of almost 2 years and 1-year-old Goldendoodle is my motivation and makes me very happy.

I am also working as Head of Athlete Social Media for BYU Basketball and have a passion for sports and social media marketing.

Creativity and problem-solving are important to me, they are the basis of my thoughts and actions and drive me to learn about the world around me. I am curious about the world and while I may not be the best at focus and am often forgetful, I make up for it with my humor and wit.

I will put an amusing spin on the worst of situations.

Humor makes life bearable, it builds bonds, promotes positivity, and spices things up a bit.

My life is a gift, and I believe that its purpose is to make a positive impact on the world. I strive to treat others with respect and loyalty, putting my family first and treating my chosen friends as part of my family. 

Hard, meaningful, and gratifying work is also important in life and I am constantly seeking new challenges that contribute to my personal growth.

I am committed to living my life with purpose and meaning, and I am dedicated to positively impacting the world and those around me.



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