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My Background

Personal Profile

I'm Jaxon Nilsson, a dynamic Marketing and Advertising Specialist with a flair for creating impactful digital content and strategies. 




BYU Broadcasting

  • Conducted in-depth market research to establish a strong digital audience base.

  • Designed and executed marketing materials and advertisements, enhancing social media presence.

  • Spearheaded editorial content creation, significantly boosting engagement by over 300%.

  • Led a team of 12 social media producers, fostering a creative environment for content development.


BYU Basketball

  • Executed market analysis to identify target segments, informing strategic marketing initiatives.

  • Created a monthly newsletter that was delivered to over 400 alumni generating a 10% increase in ticket sales among alumni.

  • Delivered photography and video services, producing high-quality content for athlete social media platforms.



  • Engaged in diverse activities including teaching, medical care, and property repair.

  • Conducted weekly training sessions, honing leadership and communication skills.

  • Collaborated with board directors for strategic guidance and project oversight.

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